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Why is training not required for the 3Rs curriculum?

We want to ensure that anyone and everyone has access to the 3Rs curriculum and recognize that cost can be prohibitive. The curriculum is free and written so that an educator can deliver the lessons without training. Each lesson is clearly written with step by step instructions, including scripted text to outline key ideas, so that any educator, from the novice to the experienced, can pick up the lesson and deliver it with ease. While training is not required it is highly recommended as we all want to ensure that our students receive a complete sex education within an affirming environment. Training allows educators to feel more confident and prepared that they are operating in the best interest of their students.

Why would an organization/school district schedule a virtual synchronous group training?

Oftentimes we have larger groups of educators who want to get trained in the 3Rs curriculum and therefore it can be more economical and personalized to have a training created specifically for your educators. A personalized virtual synchronous group training includes:

  • Initial meeting with Advocates for Youth trainer
  • Material review: Advocates for Youth trainers will send you the slide deck for your training to review and ensure that the objectives are met
  • Pre-training meeting (within one week of the training)
  • Training
  • Follow-up meeting: discuss evaluation results and wrap up outstanding requests

Click here to request a training!

Why is there variation in pricing with the various trainings offered?

There is variation in pricing because of the amount of time and personalization that goes into developing your training. Our e-learning modules are the lowest cost training we offer because it is completed independently, and our in-person group trainings are the highest cost training we offer as it requires travel and the highest level of personalization with the content. As always, we are happy to work within budgets so if you have any questions please contact Brittany McBride, Associate Director, Sex Education (brittany@advocatesforyouth.org).

Does Advocates for Youth offer training in topics not listed on the website?

Absolutely, we are always excited to hear about personal training needs and will work to make sure that you get exactly what your educators need to ensure that young people have access to great sex education. If necessary, we will help to identify a partner with whom we can connect you with to ensure that the trainings are meeting your expectations. Click here to request a training!

What is your cancellation policy? 

Learners must cancel no later than 1 week prior to the start date of the course in order to receive a full refund. If a learner cancels with less than 7 days notice they will not be refunded. If a course is cancelled at the discretion of the trainer, learners will be notified 72 hours in advance and will be able to sign up for a future training or receive a full refund.


Have more questions? Please reach out to Brittany McBride, Associate Director of Sexuality Education and Training (brittany@advocatesforyouth.org)