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Rights. Respect. Responsibility: A K-12 Sexuality Education Curriculum

Scope & Sequence

Rights. Respect. Responsibility. is a K-12 sexuality education curriculum comprised of more than 130 lessons aligned to the National Sexuality Education Standards. Scroll to see the full list of lesson plans, click on one of the grade bands below, or access the entire curriculum here.


Elementary      Middle      ​​High


Elementary School


Lesson 1 – Different Kinds of Families

Lesson 2 – Understanding Our Bodies – The Basics 

Lesson 3 – My Space, Your Space

Supplemental Lesson – Star of the Week

Supplemental Lesson – Paper People

*Click here to access all Kindergarten lesson plans and accompanying materials.


1st Grade

Lesson 1- Friendships

Lesson 2 – Gender Roles

Lesson 3 – The Circle of Life

Supplemental Lesson- My Body is MY Body

Supplemental Lesson- Pink, Blue and Purple

*Click here to access all 1st grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


2nd Grade 

Lesson 1- Understanding Our Bodies 

Lesson 2- Bullying is Never OK

Lesson 3- Cut it Out! Making Teasing and Bullying Stop

Lesson 4- Feeling SAFE!

Lesson 5- Seeking Help 

Supplemental Lesson- R-E-S-P-E-C-T

*Click here to access all 2nd grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


3rd Grade 

Lesson 1 – Respect for All 

Lesson 2 – Teasing, Harassment and Bullying 

Supplemental Lesson – Personal Timeline

Supplemental Lesson – If You Don’t Have Consent, You Don’t Have Consent

*Click here to access all 3rd grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


4th Grade

Lesson 1- Making Sense of Puberty

Lesson 2- Figuring Out Friendships

Lesson 3- Taking a Stand Against Bullying

*Click here to access all 4th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


5th Grade 

Lesson 1- Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy 

Lesson 2- Puberty and Reproduction

Lesson 3- Learning about HIV and STDs

Lesson 4- What is Love Anyway?

Lesson 5- Being Clear with Your Friends 

Lesson 6- Your Body, Your Rights

Supplemental Lesson- So THAT’S How Babies are Made

Supplemental Lesson- Thinking Outside the (Gender) Box

Supplemental Lesson- It’s All About Hormones

*Click here to access all 5th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


Middle School

6th Grade

Lesson 1- Change is Good

Lesson 2- Gender Roles, Gender Expectations

Lesson 3- Understanding Boundaries

Lesson 4- Communicating About a Sensitive Topic

Lesson 5- More Than Friends: Understanding Romantic Relationships

Lesson 6- Liking and Loving: Now and When I’m Older

Lesson 7- Being a Sex Ed Sleuth

Supplemental Lesson- Consent: It Goes With Everything

Supplemental Lesson- Image Overload

Supplemental Lesson- When Should A Person… 

*Click here to access all 6th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


7th Grade

Lesson 1- Everybody’s Got Body Parts- Part One

Lesson 2- Everybody’s Got Body Parts- Part Two

Lesson 3- Reproduction Basics

Lesson 4- Great Expectations: Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Lesson 5- Protecting Your Health: Understanding and Preventing STDs

Lesson 6- I Am Who I Am

Lesson 7- Blue is for Boys, Pink is for Girls… Or Are They?

Lesson 8- Making SMART Choices

Lesson 9- Let’s Talk About Sex

Lesson 10- Being the Change You Want to See in the World

Lesson 11- Being Smart, Staying Safe Online

Supplemental Lesson- Harassment Prevention- The Basics

Supplemental Lesson- Pre-Law

Supplemental Lesson- Preparation is Prevention

Supplemental Lesson- Trafficking

Supplemental Lesson- So Attractive

Supplemental Lesson- Being Respectful About Gender Identity: Pronouns and Practice!

*Click here to access all 7th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


8th Grade

Lesson 1- Creating a Safe School: Celebrating All

Lesson 2- The World Around Me

Lesson 3- Healthy or Unhealthy Relationships?

Lesson 4- Choose Your Words Carefully

Lesson 5- We Need to Talk

Lesson 6- Talking Without Speaking: The Role of Texting in Relationships

Lesson 7- Warning Signs- Understanding Sexual Abuse and Assault

lesson 8- Birth Control Basics

Lesson 9- Using Condoms Effectively

Lesson 10- STD Basics: Reducing Your Risks

Supplemental Lesson- Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Supplemental Lesson- What’s Racism Got to Do with It?

Supplemental Lesson- Pregnancy Basics

*Click here to access all 8th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


High School

9th Grade

Lesson 1- They Love Me… They Love Me Not…

Lesson 2- How Well Do I Communicate with Others?

Lesson 3- It Wasn’t My Fault

Lesson 4- Sexual Orientation, Behavior & Identity

Lesson 5- Understanding Gender

Lesson 6- Decisions, Decisions

Lesson 7- Sexual Decision Making

Lesson 8- Planning and Protection: Avoiding or Managing STDs

Lesson 9- What If…?

Lesson 10- STD Smarts

Lesson 11- Creating Condom Confidence

*Click here to access all 9th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


10th Grade

Lesson 1- Rights, Respect, Responsibility

Lesson 2- Know Your Options

Lesson 3- We All Have Rights

Lesson 4- Let Me Tell You

Lesson 5- Using Technology Respectfully and Responsibly

Lesson 6- Our Space, Safe Space

Lesson 7- Trust It or Trash It? Finding Accurate Sex Ed Info

*Click here to access all 10th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


11th Grade

Lesson 1- How Do You See Me?

Lesson 2- My Boundaries

Lesson 3- Is It Abuse If?

Lesson 4- Wanted: Qualified Parent

Lesson 5- Gender and Sexual Orientation: Understanding the Difference

*Click here to access all 11th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


12th Grade

Lesson 1- What are My Reproductive Rights?

Lesson 2- My Life, My Decisions

Lesson 3- Sexual Rights: Who Decides?

Lesson 4- Getting Savvy about STD Testing

Lesson 5- Fantasy or Reality: How Sexually Explicit Media Affects How We See Relationships IRL

*Click here to access all 12th grade lesson plans and accompanying materials.


High School Supplemental Lessons

Supplemental Lesson- Advocate Graduate

Supplemental Lesson- Consent, Sexting and the Law

Supplemental Lesson- Health Living: Prevention and Treatment

Supplemental Lesson- The Impact of Racism and Inequality on Sexual Health

Supplemental Lesson- Influencers for Life

Supplemental Lesson- Making the Unconscious Conscious: Impacts of Stigma & Bias

Supplemental Lesson- Not Made for TV

Supplemental Lesson- Power and Privilege

Supplemental Lesson- Reproductive Justice: Past, Present and Future

Supplemental Lesson- Sex Trafficking

Supplemental Lesson- Sexual Agency, Represent!

Supplemental Lesson- Sexual Orientation Facts and Info: Finding and Assessing Credible Sources Online

Supplemental Lesson- Sexual Systems I: Parts

Supplemental Lesson- Sexual Systems II: Processes

Supplemental Lesson- Showing Kindness & Support to Transgender and Nonbinary People

Supplemental Lesson- Unhealthy Relationships- Plan for Safety

*Click here to access all high school supplemental lesson plans and accompanying materials.


 *Please note that we are regularly making updates to this curriculum to ensure that the most relevant and up to date information is provided. If you have previously downloaded a lesson plan  that is a couple years old a newer version may be available.